Waterleaf Projects was established in 2008 and offers a broad spectrum of services related to recycling of wooden pallets, rustic and high end furniture and Building Maintenance Services. Clients making use of our services are looking for solutions to reduce operating costs, minimise wastage and contribute to a greener environment.

Our offering includes, among others:

Old, discarded or damaged pallets are re-manufactured and recycled at a fraction of the cost of a new pallet.

Strength and functionality are restored to the pallets on the clients site with no need for collection, transport or delivery thereby further reducing the carbon footprint.

This translates into a winning scenario for the client with reduced costs, reduced wastage and the peace of mind that they are contributing to greening the environment while discouraging unnecessary tree-felling.

This 5 meter long outside bar top was up-cycled from old discarded pallets.

We sanded and reclaimed the wood to remove all marks, to show the red of the wood, we then sealed the top and sides to withstand the elements.

The only parts of this Bar top that was not recycled was the glue, nails and sealant needed to assemble the Bar Top

We manufactured this 10 drawer filing stand from Reclaimed Kiaat flooring and Scandinavian Pine.

Up-cycled into this beautiful item, while still keeping the original look and feel of the wood.

All drawers and the base plate as well as the top is all Kiaat wood, and the sides are Scandinavian Pine stained to blend with the solid Kiaat Wood, and finished off with the half moon drawer handles.

South Africa