Recycled / remanufactured Pallets


Purchasing new pallets is a costly exercise and encourages additional tree-felling when we should in fact be doing our bit to minimise this. Being environmentally-friendly and saving money is a win-win situation for all.

Why not take what you have and let us show you how to SAVE money.  No matter what condition they are in: your pallets can have one, two, three or all their slats broken. Even if they look like a pile of unusable pieces of wood.

Also, in order reduce the risk of pallet loss due to theft, re-sale or any other method, we spray paint / colour code your recovered / remanufactured pallets. This has an enormous impact on your budget over a time period. By painting your pallets you can recognise them at a glance, significantly lowering the risk of loss.


We work on your site - indoor or out - wherever you have available area and a power point.

We take all your broken pallets, sort, arrange and organise the work area - ready for remanufacturing

We ensure that we use the correct nails and technique to remanufacture / recover your old pallets and make them new and usable again, keeping the strength and integrity of your pallets.

We paint the pallets in our standard corporate colour (Waterleaf Green) and if required, will add your company name to them or an identifiable code or part number.

Keeping our work area clean and tidy